The company Petranis founded in 1950 and specializes in selling items for the bathroom, flooring and kitchen furniture. Moreover with apopsis establishment since 2000 produces interior and exterior doors and windows and railing systems. During the last decade the company climbed up to the top positions of Sanitary Ware and Tile selling companies in Greek market and was established in the minds of consumers as synonymous with quality and top service.

The company is located on 3rd km - Kalambaka -Trikala Rd and has a network of shops in central, northern and insular Greece, as well as a perfect distribution center in existing space (60.000m2).

We cover all range of market needs individuals, professionals such as architects, engineers, designers, contractors and large construction companies.

Petranis company makes out for its high level of service that starts from the modern and functional show rooms hosting the most trade, quality and elegant products, continues with the skilled dealers and designers, constantly trained on the best possible service after the sale, objective of maximum customer satisfaction.

With constant growth in many levels (distribution, human resources, improving internal organization, etc.) and human-interest (consumer satisfaction, employee, supplier and everyone involved) led the company in what is called Total Quality, trying each day to become better.

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