While our country is in the midst of economic crisis - which began four years ago and unfortunately is deepening. energy related issues, such as green growth, investments in Renewable energy sources, the privatization of PPC, not functioning
polluting units burning lignite, are very high on the agenda of politicians, media and intensely trouble any ordinary citizen. But this year, the weather conditions throughout the country were quite unfavorable especially in Western Macedonia was perceived by all, energy poverty of the inhabitants of the regions because even if the income was stable, large expenditures for energy coverage of households and
companies took everyone by their budgets with devastating economic and social outcomes. Within this reality is the construction of << green house >>. The reduction in energy consumption of up to 60% with the use of materials familiar to humans and the environment, raise their interest because importance of green growth and green house can be demonstrated significant and sufficient to result in a solution to a large extent of problems mentioned. Adopting green everyday attitudes and behaviors that
concern both the domestic economy and the global economy guaranteeing the protection of its principal axis and pillar development is environment. Undoubtedly the concern for the environment to create and deepening environmental awareness of consumers or citizens generally not acquired from one moment to another, grown slowly and slowly, and we all understand what a crucial role in the conquest of the above plays the school and the education of people mostly in young ages.
It is also worth noting that statistical studies have shown that high educational attainment is correlated with environmental interesting especially when it is combined with the energy savings (and therefore money) on a daily basis. Finally, expressing deep concern if at the end is correct that the choice of energy dependence of the country from lignite as treatment of certain fossil plants and thus hitherto done, contributing to a massive environmental pollution and naturally affects the function of the health of workers and residents.

One of the most common types of frames are frames of aluminum, which began to be widely used in Greece in the 70's. The advantageous technical characteristics and
aesthetic effect, coupled with the industrialized mass production and the continuous development of their technology, contributed to the rapid spread worldwide.
The aluminum material is durable, lightweight, workable and allows the construction of complex cross sections in various color options, ensuring flexible and functional solutions, aesthetics for all types of exposure. Exhibit high resistance to mechanical
stresses to climatic conditions and soil erosion, minimizing operational problems during the life of frame and has minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, the material is recyclable and environmentally friendly. The manufacture of aluminum frames filled with other materials and components such as windows, hinges, gaskets, brushes, rollers, etc., and thus resulting in all known aluminum systems. The final level of the quality of aluminum and the corresponding cost, depends on many factors such as the aluminum alloy is used, the form of sections, the protective coating of the profile, the level of air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation, the quality of the components which are the connections, the method of attachment and type of glass with the appropriate gaskets, the wiring the frame and suspension, etc. It is possible placement tilting (reclining systems) for better ventilation space. The opening systems are generally more expensive than towed but have better insulating properties. The sliding doors, consisting of one, two or more sheets
arranged in various configurations, save space and are ideal for cover large openings. The thermal break sliding systems built into the frame and leaves, improves thermal ability, but not exceeding the thermal performance of a hinged system.

In choosing the right type of aluminum frames is important to take into account the technical, functional and aesthetic characteristics of the dwelling, and the climatic features and conditions of the area. The licenses for construction, performance and operation of frames indicating their characteristics and help in bringing the most appropriate choice. After completion of the positioning the leaves should fit perfectly within and open and close easily without grinding. Surfaces should be smooth
and clean, unscratched and glue residue or other materials. Generally should be controlled all levers of frames and panels and their accessories like locks, the brushes, the rollers, handles etc.

Quality of joinery and savings
The exterior windows are those elements of the building which enabling communication with the external environment,while functioning as regulators of the internal conditions, such as temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting. It is understood, of course, that the frames are important factors in the form of the building and determine the aesthetics of both the shell and to the inside, and the energy efficiency of the building, which dependent up to 25% on the quality of materials and construction of frames.
According to K.E.N.A.K. (Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations), has announced a new project to subsidize household energy if
upgrade houses, where among other things include replacing old doors and windows with new insulated windows aluminum. According to the study, the insulated aluminum frames can lead to energy savings in households up to 10%, while the application of combinatorial insulation interventions buildings, such as roof insulation, roofing and exterior walls
and upgrading energy systems (heating, lighting, etc.), the energy savings can reach 50%. What is, however, the factors that differentiate the simple frames of energy, enabling them to contribute actively to energy savings of the entire building? The determinant of the frame is the glass (glazing) that is the main component of the frame, which table works as significantly enhancing the coherence of the sheet. The double or multiple glazing, consisting of two or more windows with an intermediate layer between the stationary dry air from 6 to 12 mm, mounted in a protective aluminum frame with suitable insulating strips that ensure complete insulation, in order to remain within the air gaps, and new contemporary glazed aluminum thermal break (rubber insulating element) preclude the creation thermal barrier and transmission of outdoor temperature via the interior of the frame. As for the design of frames, concomitant placement sliding frames inside the outer wall or the frame is made of wood, plastic or aluminum, because the thermal losses increase sharply, even if is with thermal barrier. Because the mechanism for feature Scrolling other when they are closed, it is impossible to seal it to the extent that leaves stamped opening (except latest generation aluminum frames fitted with lifting mechanism only when scrolling). Right is to be taken seriously environmental factors such as sun, lighting and ventilation, orientation of the building to determine the shape, type of
shading and the strategy for maximizing the energy gain.
Regarding the characteristics of frames to be installed must be careful both to withstand the constant use and are easy to open with the passage of time,
feterou not eroded by weather conditions (eg salt in coastal areas) or distorted by the force that exerted by the user. Also, it is very important to provide the air tightness and water, but be with thermal barrier to not allow balancing the external to the internal temperature. frames with thermal barrier are with specially designed profiles
whose interior is separated from the outside by some material different texture of low thermal conductivity, which prevents direct transfer of heat from the inside out and vice versa. The watertightness and airtightness are inextricably linked with the thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and water runoff.
Finally, it is advisable to choose the frames which the manufacturer gives long life and thus guarantee them any harm.

PVC: Truths and Lies

1. There are people who argue that we live in the age of plastic. Is this an exaggeration?

Not in any way. Plastic preparation today becomes more perfect. The ideal material depending on each case has become a reality. PVC can now become harder and durable than steel, to be good conductors of electricity and to withstand very high and low temperatures. Vehicle construction, environmental technology, medicine, and many other industries are impossible to imagine without using plastic.

2. PVC - What is it actually?

PVC is a completely new composition, which has been copied from nature and has valuable properties. From the first plastics, prepared from rubber, a number of special plastics evolved, which solved unusual problems.

3. Is all plastic the same?
No, because this is exactly the superiority of plastic, that means that they can be prepared for every possible case. A small change in the macromolecular composition can cause huge changes in its properties. For the same reason, especially in the window construction does not apply in any case, the term plastic equals plastic.

4. Which plastic is used more in the area of construction? Are frames occupying the largest share, or things are somewhat different?

In the area of building, plastic has confidently won first place. At European level still maintain supremacy before the windows, pipes and construction of molds. In the construction of plastic frames there are the same advantages as in the manufacture of water pipes, i.e. long life and is also a rule here.

5. How PVC is been created and what do the first three initials mean?

The ethylene is present in the oil at 43% and the chlorine which is present in salt to 57%, are joined together to form a colorless gas called vinilochloridio (VC). By adding oxygen and light is the polymerization of the gas, i.e. the molecules are joined together to form larger groups of molecules and thus created the material polivinilochloridio or otherwise PVC.

6. In discussions we hear many times that PVC is the cause of the creation of chlorochimeia. Is this true?

It happens exactly the opposite. The PVC takes chlorine, a residue of the production of caustic soda, neutralized and manages thus to generate a useful recycling, wherein the chlorine is recycled back into sodium chloride

7. PVC is degraded by some of the opponents like a cheap plastic and with no requirements material. Is there any truth in this workaround?

PVC is actually something like a world champion in the economy. Saves raw materials, energy, materials, weight, wear and spare parts. From an ecological point of view, because of its minimal needs, it is considered to be the most valuable material.

8. Does it make sense to conduct a wide-ranging debate about the ecological content of PVC; If so who will gain the greatest benefit?

All of us will benefit. If at the end is proved that PVC is a model ecological material, then all of us we would have been helped. This discussion will help industry to boost recycling of eco materials. The fact that PVC today has a big lead on the issue of ecological recycling, is largely due to the dialogue with the public.

9. There are also plastics which are not made ​​exclusively from oil, which of course will eventually run out.

PVC is the only modern material that is not made exclysivelly from oil. Only 43% of PVC consists of oil and most of that is 57% consisting of The cheap and inexhaustible quantities in nature cooking salt. Besides oil and salt kept inside the PVC and can again be easily separated.

10. How PVC established in the field of construction. In what amounts currently it is used in Germany?

Nearly half a million tonnes a year ie 1/2 of the total production. Its Very good technical qualities, its great strength to weather conditions, UV rays and corrosion, light weight, simple treatment, difficult ignition, warm and sound insulation, as well as the particular suitability in recycling led it to success.

11. Why The PVC was so successful in building frames? Has it been created specifically for this purpose?

The legal provisions on quality control and plastic frames or rules of German law does not propose any specific material, rather than only specific properties such as hardness, resistance to high temperatures, modul of elasticity and resistance to weathering. The sum of all these positive properties is not surpassed by any other material.

12. Is it possible the combination of different plastics to have better yields than PVC;

Then the ecological advantage would be lost. Because PVC window frames are free from any impurities, for this very reason it is capable of being recycled. If economic factors are calculated in the purchase and manufacture complex plastic combinations, then we will realize immediately the superiority of PVC as the best alternative material for making frames.

13. Already PVC provides ecological advantages. But how are things with already installed plastic frames?

Even better. The plastic frames are extremely durable, do not require paint, and almost no maintenance. No requirements, no rot, save money and natural resources. The constant air tightness saves heating and reduces environmental pollution from chimneys. Finally keeps us away from noise, which can cause illness.

14. What significance does the manufacture of PVC has for the economy of Germany?

The preparation and processing of PVC in Germany makes a volume of 10 billions germ. marks. Since from PVC depend on about 100,000 workers their positions and their number is increasing constantly. The ecological recycling of plastics and PVC will create new jobs.

15. In what areas material PVC is consumed, which of its parts have high rates of lifetime and which less?

Approximately two thirds of all structures of PVC have a lifetime of at least 15 years. Here we see how rarely is the need of recycling the material. The durability of the frames and pipes is even greater. New research shows that resistance is possible for many generations.

16. Since when is known PVC; And since when it is used on a large industrial scale?

Already in 1835, French engineer Henri Regnault created a synthetic PVC without any idea of the benefit of his discovery. Conversely, in 1912 Fritz Klatte started an effort to replace one with xylonite best material. The true success of PVC was in 1937 with the production of records.

17. Why PVC is no longer the center of eco news? Its opponents PVC arguments have finished?

Today the war without arguments has absolutely no effect, because it conflicts with scientific truths. For this reason decreased the unskilled attacks. Many to whom the whole debate about the plastic had caused insecurity are now seeing much more clearly, that there are many good arguments for this material, as it combines economic, technological and ecological advantages, like no other material.

18. Is recycling the great magic word that will solve all ecological and economic problems?

Recycling can not cure everything. The reason is very simple, namely that even recycling can not be achieved without economic burden. Whatever is recycled, must be collected, transported, cleaned and be prepared for recycling. All this requires energy. For this reason, the requirement to provide ecological balance, so that there is a critical examination between the benefits and disadvantages.

19. Whenever we hear the term "ecological balance" What we really mean by this term?

The ecological balance balances all possible ecological factors which may occur throughout the life of the product. Here examined at each stage how green is the product in relation to the air, water and soil and accordingly marked.

20. The term "ecological balance" sounds like the best choice of material. How close we are to the fulfillment of this condition?

Even we are in the beginning. Despite all this, however, research shows that we looking at the ecological balance of various materials, to say which of the test materials have better ecological results. The ecological balance should include all stakeholders, ie the easy availability of material up and kind, cost of energy required to manufacture the material, ways and means of transport, the need of material life to recycling or Best up quality for reuse of the recycled material. This only manage scientific institutes with vast technical knowledge and access to relevant data.

21. Are there any ecological balances to compare synthetic windows with windows of other material?

Of course there are. We know three independent European findings in which PVC occupies a very significant position.

22. That the natural resources must be protected is undeniable. But what does this mean for building materials in housing construction?

There should be used only materials which are capable of being recycled or materials having species recycled. The plastic frames, floor mats, the drains, the drains can be recycled without any problem. The industries have understood this early on. Approximately 60% of the total production of PVC is consumed in building construction.

23. Of course recycling is always a good thing. But maybe there are many categories of recycled material?

So it is. We are three types of recycling:
1. The recycled material is lower quality than the original.
2. The recycled material is of the same quality as the original. This solved all problems.
3. The recycled material is of higher quality than the original. This gives new perspectives on the economy.
PVC has another point champion, because of the recycling of PVC joinery profiles can produce the same quality products in another form. Thus we achieve optimization of material recycled.

24. The prospects of PVC recycling is certainly very great. But are there ways of recycling financially interesting?

Certainly. Even here the thermoplastic composite material PVC is champion. The clear of other contaminants PVC window frames, carpet or plastic bottles is recycled today much financially. Cut into small pieces, pulverized and then fused to produce again new, high quality products.

25. Many times we hear the term "closed circuit hardware" or "hardware circuit." What's this?

We mean the continuous recycling of a material. The plastic frames are a good example. Already old PVC profiles can be melted or even be divided in their chemical components, i.e. oil and salt and join to form a completely new product PVC.

26. Today we spend a lot of money for repairing different ecological disasters. Is there a better way for future ?

Certainly. The issue is prediction and not redress. The measures relate more to the production process, which must be modified in such a way that it harms less nature. It is not tolerated nor technically or economically, to create the first harmful substances and then trying with great financial burden to rectify evil.

27. What are the state requirements, which companies are required to keep in refererence to the manufacture of PVC;

There are many requirements that must be followed, such as the law on chemicals, harmful substances provisions, the law on protection of air from pollution, instructions for maintaining the purity of the atmosphere, laws protecting water etc.

28. And what applies to the various manufacturing industries

And here are these provisions, as in the previous answer. The partners are also protected from harmful substances. No harmful substances released, either during the heat sealing, nor during the cutting and creating the form of the product. PVC is the cleanest material as a reference to the treatment.

29. Are there any hazardous substances being released from PVC profiles or maybe hide PVC products various health risks?

The fact that from PVC profiles are not released any harmful substances has been shown by various surveys and examinations of the institute Frauenhofer. Also there is a legislative decree that can be used as a PVC packing material for delicate fresh meat.

30. Heavy metals such as cadmium affect the position of a modern eco-friendly material like PVC.

Cadmium was for many years as an irreplaceable stabilizer. Cadmium can not escape through the PVC and for that reason does not burden the atmosphere. Only in recent years, other stabilizers perform equally well.

31. What happens when a house is burning. It is argued that synthetic frames burnt too hard. Is it legally registered?

PVC, due to its high salt content, it burns very difficult. It meets the Class B1, "difficult to ignite," requirements. Dangerous gases are created as in any fire. For these reasons, the PVC does not belong to the category of hazardous materials fires.

32. Long ago there was a political effort to ban PVC. Whats happened to this effort?

The request was submitted to the German parliament to ban PVC is rejected by the environment ministry. This decision was confirmed by the German parliament in 1990.

33. The call "Away from the so-called chlorochimeia" juxtapose "necessity." So controversy instead of section for future visions?

Big words like exit or resignation of PVC is not an option. The exit leads to economic stagnation and technological backwardness, where the ecological burden grows. The resignation of the manufacture of a product,is justified only when it can be replaced with something better. But always with the thought of nature protection.

34. What is actually chlorine?

Chlorine is the most of reactive elements. We know it only joined in another condition, such as sea salt. Human needs every day to stay in life about 7 grams. cooking salt, of which 4 are chlorine. We need it for metabolism. On the ground chlorine is one of the most important nutrients.

35. How does European Union handle the issue of PVC material, and what are the basic laws?

The European Union promotes and supports the use of products made ​​of PVC, after the results of scientific studies. European laws are prohibitive and restrictive only when it comes to protecting human and environment. (Article 36 and 100 of the Agreement between the European Union).

36. In legislative provision for construction waste recovery isincluding their exploitation. What happens here with the plastic frames?

There is great progress. Already there are large coverage systems for receiving of various recycling industries, which melt again thermoplastic material and produce new other products.

37. As it is known, industrialized countries are suffocating under the scourge of garbage. Is the need to find such a solution really hot topic?

Of course. Decreasing the amount of garbage has priority. The rapid growth of the world population forces us to reduce greatly our energy needs, as well as environmental contamination. For this reason, there is a benefit to the reduction of waste, when in other parts are not created greater destruction.

38. We hear too often that the problem of garbage can be solved with new ideas. Perhaps is this all just words?

Not in any way. The storage in any way is no longer a matter of debate. Much more industry today is looking for materials that can be reused and, ideally such that they can be adjusted in a closed loop material. The PVC acquired here a big advantage with the ability for continuous recycling.

39. Why can not PVC packaging be replaced by other types of plastic. Is that so hard?

Yes. Regardless of whether it is a doorway or packaging plays a major role in yield value of the material. For example the PVC relative to other components does not permit very much the air intake and thereby prevent the spread of bacteria in food and with less placing of material.

40. Are there decisions of major industries which prefer the PVC as packing material than another material?

Yes. Large grocery chains in the UK wanting to prepare their 4000 tonnes of packaging material, solely and exclusively by PVC. Until now they used for this purpose 12 different synthetic materials. The rigidity of PVC and the minimum percentage of oil is still an advantage.

41. Should we judge all plastic products from the perspective of reducing waste?

In any event. One package, for example, allows only healthy maintenance and handling of the product. But a doorway there is for much longer. This long life obtaines more energy and thus effectively protects the environment, than could be achieved by better recycling.

42. The poison dioxin associated occasionally with the burning of PVC furnaces destruction of garbage. Is this true?

The Seveso poison belongs to a class of over 200 substances, called dioxins. Traces of these substances occur in any imperfect combustion, eg the chimneys.Of Importance is not what burned but rather how. The PVC is not conducive to a greater extent than other materials in the formation of these substances.

43. The creation of dioxins is avoided during the burning of garbage. Does it happen the same by heating the PVC profile, during the treatment;

It is true that the profiles of synthetic frames heated during processing, or to give them the appropriate shape, either during the heat sealing of the corners. And this is certainly one of the defining qualities of PVC. The processing of PVC is however in such low temperatures, where it is not possible to create these poisonous substances.

44. Does the burning of garbage leads to the formation of acid rain, which affects in devastation of our forests?

No, because wood, paper and various food waste, generate during their combustion, chlorine hydroxide, which combines with water vapor and hydrogen chloride is generated. Burned in the ovens where the garbage is neutralized hydrogen chloride. Acid rain is created in 98% of sulfur and of sulfur dioxides and not from the hydroxide of chlorine.

45. The creation of the so-called greenhouse is due to the creation of carbon dioxide during combustion. Does PVC help in reducing it?

Too much. The synthetic frames help because of their long life, to reduce the energy for heating and therefore to reduce the creation of carbon dioxide. Help in this way in combating global atmosphere heating and therefore the creation of so-called greenhouse. Additionally PVC profiles will not be burned, but recycled.

46. However, some synthetic frames end up in trash. Is there any case for land to be contaminated?

One of the biggest advantages of PVC is that it is unaffected by weather conditions. All additions to this is the chemical composition very stable and does not contaminate groundwater and the environment. Its stability is so great to use in landfills as insulation material for the protection of groundwater.

47. The interactive collection of various plastic is difficult and time consuming. Does it apply to the plastic frames?

The plastic frames have a big advantage here. From the beginning they were used in pure form. A white frame consists exclusively of PVC. During the screening we can easily distinguish it. Its thermoplastic skills are now the basis of recycling.

48. Do we know if the consumer is ready to collect plastic waste, as is currently done with paper and bottles?

Surveys have shown that about 80% of the population is ready to collect separate plastics. We also know that the collection of mixed plastics separately tired citizens. This is not necessary, because in the process of recycling is technically possible to separate the different plastics.

49. What products are currently made from colorful recycled synthetic materials?

Yogurt jars, detergent bottles, plastic bags, chairs, benches, trash cans, flower pots, auxiliary building profiles etc.

50. Does the performance of recycling industries is limiting only in picking garbage from PVC;

Not in any way. The material is harvested, cleaned and cut into very small pieces. Impurities such as dirt or metal shavings from the PVC separated mechanically. The end result is clear PVC, which is able to be reused.

51. Are there recycling industries that recycle in bulk plastic frames?

Certainly. Only frame factories in Europe return to manufacturers of profiles every year thousands of tons of remnants profile. Recycling companies recycle, not only domestic materials, but also those of neighboring countries. Frame manufacturers in Greece have special recycling programs remnants of their production.

52. How successful is synthetic frames construction in Greece?

The pace of reconstruction in Greece, especially the last decade has led to an increased demand for synthetic frames. The great durability, easy maintenance, the recycling and in addition the fact that ​​using new technologies has become a ripe idea, are the causes of this rapid demand.

53. The condition of many homes in Greece is disappointing. Do we throw money aimlessly here for heating from the window?

In our country we can save nearly 2 billion. € of heating oil by placing synthetic frames. But this is only one side. Very important is the ecological side. In the interest of all of us need to reduce the creation of carbon dioxide by heating to reduce the phenomenon of so-called greenhouse.

54. Why people, who bear great responsibility for the health of others, use PVC as a building material?

In hospitals, PVC, used on doors and windows, as well as a cover walls and floors because it is not attacked by bacteria, is healthy,it is not altered and it is static. In the medical world, PVC, is too known as blood bags or as serum bottles.

55. What medical instruments are manufactured today from PVC; Why any other material it is not used?

The major requirements of medical technology in terms of sterility and strength of the composite material at low temperatures met wonderful from PVC. Bottles blood, serum bottles, and various plastic tubes were prepared with various impurities, which soften the PVC and make it more flexible.

56. Why consumer advisers support the that PVC will have a bright future?

The preparation of PVC requires relatively little energy. The particular PVC products have a long shelf life. PVC can be easily and in a very economical way to be recognized and separated during the recycling of the remaining components. It may very easily and economically recycled. All of these qualities reveal the PVC as the most economical material of decade 90.

57. Whats happening with the PVC cutting wastage during production? Maybe they are driven in the trash?
Of course not. It is too valuable to be destroyed. Even long ago, long before they begin discussions on ecology, wastage was used to make other products of PVC. Currently for this purpose in Greece about 20 companies exist, supplied by manufacturers of synthetic frames, with a first-class material, since there is always heavy demand for this material.

58.Can we now predict at what stage will be the recycling of PVC after 100 years?

According to current indications yes. If we consider the long life then we can say that a balance between production and recycling of PVC will occur in about 50 years. Its usefulness seems so from the beginning. From old frames generated high quality new again. The plastic frames are therefore a constant state of maintenance for materials and feedstock.


The aluminum frames are leaders in public preferences, especially for long service life without significant maintenance costs and
for the variety and styles of teir surfaces which makes them versatile components for various functional requirements. Another reason for choice of aluminum frames that has particular relevance, is the existence of Signal Quality SEKA-Q. System 2: 2007 quality certification that provides for both the production and installation of aluminum construction.
The Signal of Quality SEKA-Q. System 2: 2007 provides several of the key points of the Quality Assurance System ISO, but differs from it in the fact that it interferes with controls at specific points in the process of production on the one hand and on the other hand in placement and service.
The Hellenic Manufacturers of Aluminum (SECA), at the request of the Ministry of Development and Climate Change,which expressed through a series of contacts, summed up in a short and understandable text the reasons why aluminum frames are preferred both by consumers and by professionals built.

Suitable for end users

The excellent performance and durability, aesthetic appearance, variety of colors, insulation (thermal and sound insulation) and waterproofing, features that offer aluminum frames are some of the advantages that lead to the choice of aluminum frames for both replacing old aluminum frames and for new buildings. More specifically, the six reasons for the end user in selecting aluminum frames are:

1. Aesthetics: Modern aluminum systems allow unlimited construction projects in endless color options. Even offer different color inside from outside. The properties of the material allow the implementation of large frames for the utilization of natural lighting. The aluminum fits all the trends and types of exposures.
2. Insulation: Rigid and durable, aluminum profiles hold without problems the weight of the glass needed to protect the user from noise, guaranteeing excellent air tightness and water resistance. The combination of thermal insulation profiles with double glazing energy, provides wellness to living and saving energy for heating, cooling and lighting of the site, regardless of weather conditions.

3. Lifespan: Aluminum is not just recyclable. Be reused in perpetuity, without losing or altering its properties. The aluminum frames remain unchanged and their performance is not affected by climatic changes. Additionally they offer the possibility to easily integrate photovoltaic glazing to produce renewable energy.
4. Easy maintenance: A simple cleaning with soap and water one or two times a year is sufficient to maintain the frames in their original appearance throughout its life.
5. Increased brightness: Thanks to the robustness of profiles with thin sections that allow the creation of large dimensions.

Flexible quality solution for engineers-designers - architects

Aluminum as a construction material helps to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the extraction, transport, processing, installation, reuse, recycling and disposal of construction products.
Those engaged in the design of << green >> buildings address the issue through a broader perspective and not only from the technical point of view of effective use of local circumstances to increase the energy efficiency of a building. This general perspective also includes social, cultural-aesthetic and economic dimensions.

1. Decreased energy / high efficiency: In addition to building an outer << mantle >> of aluminum into new or existing buildings improves the energy efficiency of the building. Scientific studies have shown energy savings of nearly 50% in winter (heat energy) and 25% in summer (cooling energy). At the same time, aluminum is an ideal material for building shading systems and solar modules support.
2. Built Saving energy: The embodied energy has to do with the amount of energy it took to create and move construction materials and should be minimized. In this area apart from other building materials, aluminum, and its light weight result in energy savings during the process of machining, transport and handling.

3. Life- range, elasticity of uses: A building should be of value not only for its current user but also for future users. With the adoption of aluminum in buildings, adaption to changes is easier and adaptation to specific circumstances is the smallest possible number of construction jobs (and also materials derived from them).

4. Energy balance: If you look at the entire life cycle, from production of raw materials to the recycling of end-use products, aluminum products used in construction, have significant benefits in terms of energy saving and productive resources. The use of aluminum requires lighter frames for the construction of buildings. Additionally, the aluminum profiles can be designed so that it requires less additional mechanical processes thus saving energy. The high corrosion resistance of the material, reduces the requirements for maintenance and expands the life of the product. The reflectivity of the material, offers significant advantages in insulation. Relevant European directive has been incorporated into Greek law by Law 2939/2001, which commits to increase the reuse and recycling of specified percentages in all forms of waste, including those from construction or demolition of buildings. Today, an estimated 4.5 million tons of material and 42 tons of excavated materials produced in our country every year. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable material and it is the only one collected by collectors wandering, avoiding rejection often in illegal landfills and streams which are a source of significant environmental problems, but also to capture large amounts of space in legal landfills.

5. Embed in landscape: A building should fit into the natural and urban environment. The endless options of surface coating of aluminum make it perfect for any environment.
6. Community and connection: The physical world and the building should be <<tied >> with a harmonious relationship. The above seems a vague idea, but in its most successful application, the lines of the building are mixed with the external environment in a stunning interplay of structure and landscape. Thanks to its unique characteristics (tensile loading, deformation, corrosion and fire protection and zero additional environmental effects), aluminum products can play a pivotal role in achieving sustainable building. The architects and designers have in their hands an innovative solution in the form of structural aluminum products, which gives them the opportunity to develop new concepts in the field of construction to meet the environmental challenges of the next millennium.

Buying Tips aluminum frames / pvc

Even the best system frames may be insufficient in case the construction and installation, is not done properly. For this reason it is very important to choose the manufacturer.

1.Certified manufacturers
Any company producing aluminium profiles, certifies specific aluminium manufacturers (which is negligible compared to the'' signs'' that exist) to build its systems. Certified manufacturers are constantly updated on new products of the company, but also the correct production of frames. Moreover, choosing a certified manufacturer, you can contact the helpline for individuals to find out if the materials used for the production of your frames (mechanisms, rubber corners, rollers, etc.) is authentic and approved and meet all specifications of the designer company.

2.How to be protected from defective products.
Many times, manufacturers of aluminum frames to reduce production costs and increase their profit but also to make their offers more attractive, use cheaper parts (tires, corners, rollers, locks, blinds, shutters, etc.). These accessories are totally unsuitable as reduce the rates of waterproofing and heat & sound insulation of the frame but sometimes they can become dangerous. The private however, does not have the technical knowledge to determine all of the above ..
All these should be agreed before the production process of aluminum frames and appear in private contracts between private and manufacturer of aluminum frames.

3.Misleading offers of aluminum frames
An aluminum frames offer usually indicate the Company and the series (eg opening frame). Many individuals believe that disclosing these two characteristics can compare two frames offers. Unfortunately this is not enough to evaluate and compare a two offers. A door or window can be constructed in many ways that affect performance, appearance, functionality and price. For example an opening frame accepts many types of rubber (foam rubber, many kinds of mechanisms (simple or perimeter) and many brands. It can be manufactured by simple or discordant slats that change the look, with latches or second control panel (on the sheet without handle) that affect its use. Even in offers and prices of frames,is not written whether they include tilting, door handles, sliding type drivers etc. The safest way to find them all is to visit the frame manufacturer and ask to see the exact type and frame set he will place because many construction details (sliding drivers sealing, thermal break around tires, grille cover with lids) are not shown in the offers. But if you are unable to do this, it is advisable to make the following questions to frame offers given to you:
-Is installation, dismantling and removal of old window frames including?
-Do they Include recline and door handles?
rubbers are included in windows (sparkling, bubbles).
What-brand devices (Roto, Giesse) and what type (single, perimeter).
-What kind of clips.
-Type and supplier of louver shutters of, the sieves, the rolls of glass.
-Kind of sliding guides (inox, simple).
Think buying aluminum frames are a great investment that will follow you for several years.

4. Detailed Offers
During the assessment and collection of aluminum frames offers should be taken into account as follows:
1. The offers to be comparable. To have the same number and type frames.
2.To be identical, the same series (cold frames, thermal break).
3. To indicate the type of blinds (polyurethane, profile) their motion (electric, manual), and their supplier.
4. Specify components used (rollers, locks, corners) and their supplier.
5. Specify glazing used (section, type) but mainly their supplier.
6. Specify the type of mechanisms (simple, locking perimeter) and the supplier.
7. In case of sieves and inputs indicate the materials and suppliers.
8.Se case of color frames choice (shades RAL, imitation wood) should be entered exactly the color code and the paint shop that painted frames (exterior paints, extrusions). t Every
intact trader must during aluminum frames supply, indicate clearly what offers and from where he is supplying all the materials aluminum frames.

5.See really project s of the manufacturer of aluminum frames
To really see what kind of aluminum manufacturer you intend to work whith it would be usefull to visit recent projects. In a show room of aluminum frames will usually see, the best work samples and the best exhibits the particular manufacturer. By visiting a real project, you will find really work samples, not fictitious, and the level of placement of the manufacturer, which is one of the most important pieces in the purchase of aluminum frames. Ask then, a list of recent business-and not only one he will choose-to find all of the above.

6.Always go into private contracts
If you select the manufacturer of aluminum frames that will work with, it is necessary that the agreement, is expressed in writing, in private contracts. These will be reported in detail, what products (aluminum) will be delivered, how long and how they will be paid. Good is, there are clauses in the event that one of the parties breach the agreement. All these are necessary for any misunderstandings .... And they will be useful in case of disputes.

7Ask always for guaranteed products (aluminum) purchased
All companies producing aluminum profiles provide certificates but also guarantees for their products. The above is not enough, because they only convern aluminum profiles (Rods) and not the other parts of the frame, glazing, frames, mechanisms, motors etc. Even blinds do not cover any erosions (filamentous erosion) will happen if the manufacturer does not fit glue during assembly of frames. A major manufacturer of aluminum frames should provide a written guarantee for aluminum manufacture. In this guarantee should be committed to providing service in aluminum over time, replace the double glazing in the case of water vapor and to repair or replace any defective rolls engines. Importantly, to ensure the correct installation of aluminum frames and the tightness of these.

8.How we choose aluminum system (series) and price differentiation
All manufacturers cooperate with aluminum profile production companies for the supply of aluminum profiles. Aluminum frame manufacturers buy profiles with a kilo. So it is not always possible to compare, in terms of cost, two systems, since a manufacturer of frames normally buys the raw material more expensive than other lines. This, which should focus on a system other than the financial part and the appearance of the profile (curved, straight) is whether a particular company is well established in the market through its credibility and the guarantees given to the final consumer.

9.Choose early the manufacturer of aluminum frames that you will work with.
You should choose early the manufacturer of aluminum frames that will work. This is necessary because you need advice on various issues relating to the installation of aluminum, as appropriate gaps between the bricks (for flush frames) and the correct placement of marbles (position - height). Even you should know that aluminum frames are not ready and their construction requires several days (except in special cases), following the receipt of final measurements. Also you should know that it is necessary, the manufacturer will collaborate, and has placed metal frames to assume responsibility for any problems that may arise in the future. Also compulsory is the cooperation of the manufacturer of aluminum frames with mounting alarm workshop to properly hide the contacts and cables, as well as cooperation with the garage floor installation to be informed of any tube that is below the openings to be installed that the doorway will be screwed. In this way,
we damage is avoided.

10.The system (aluminum series) does not determine the quality of construction.
Many believe that the good name of the series determines the quality of aluminum construction. This is not true because the extrusions companies offer their products in rods (not building windows). From manufacturing company depends frames workmanship, materials, mechanisms and the quality of the placement. A manufacturer of aluminum can get a reputable and accurate profile and not construct it properly. In contrast, an aluminum frames manufacturer can, with passion, build frames from lesser known companies (extrusion) and manage to have a better outcome.

11.Always choose companies which have CE certificate
From 01/02/2010 all companies manufacturing aluminum frames are required (OJ EC Directive 89/106) to position on their products the CE marking, provided specific procedures on receipt of goods (defective products), in the production process and the installation process of aluminum frames. This has value for the end consumer because:
A. It gives them the ability to control any of the above procedures (reception, production, installation).
bTo be aware that the products they purchase are certified by designer company and avoids the possibility of receiving unsuitable products, such mechanisms without proper specifications, tires commerce, trade rolls, defective profile that would otherwise not have the ability and knowledge to check.
c knows when receiving, the possibilities of this frame (eg coefficient values) shown on the special tag labeling.
d know that similar products with those he is supplied are (necessarily) pass the test chambers and they have checked the resistance to extreme weather conditions.
Q. He can obtain the results of the above tests.

12.Visit the production workshop of aluminum frames
Making a visit to the production workshop of aluminum frames do not require specialized knowledge, to find by yourself the following:
• What is the organization level of specific manufacturer
• how skilled is staff which manufactures frames
• observe the basic rules of the production process.
• the level of equipment and machinery.
Most times, this visit is more useful than a visit to an exhibition of aluminum frames, because you will see frames the time of aluminum produced.

13.What to ask from the technical control companies - extrusion.
Some Extrusion - aluminum profile producers, during technical audits, attest and affirm only if the aluminum profile which constructed the frames belonging to their company and make no reference to individual components (tires, mechanisms, blinds shutters, rollers, rollers, plastic thermal break frames, spacers etc) thus protecting the aluminum manufacturer - customer. Should therefore during the tests, to insist that be informed and be written if all the individual components conform to the standards which all companies have tested and tried in special laboratories (eg Rosenheim, EKANAL) and test chambers frames. If the parts are not the same components used in the standards were measured, the results and measurements that give you (watertightness, air permeability, etc.) are not correct so do not know the specifications of the product you just bought.

14.Pay a lot attention to accessories
The components will be used in the construction of frames is an important factor both for proper operation and longevity of the frame. It is the unseen factor that affects the performance and the price of a frame. In this category belong the rolls, mechanisms, corner-links, spanioletes, hinges etc. On your side, you should require the manufacturer to use all the components proposed and approved, by the designer and producer of aluminum system. In the case of parts has no place the economy because otherwise even the best aluminum system, may prove inadequate or even dangerous!

15.Closed leaves (leaves without slats)
Many manufacturers of aluminum frames to reduce the cost of the frame, using the leaves of the opening frame, closed leaves. This reduces the cost of a frame, because it minimizes the production time in half, but also reduces the cost of materials. This method results in the frames, after a short period of time, not work (at corners) because closed leaves is impossible to correctly firm glazing. Even in case of breakage of the glass, the replacement becomes very difficult because the entire package of frame must be

choose the typology of frames.
To select the right type of frame, you should discuss with the manufacturer enough details to help you choose. Some of these are:
• Be absolutely aware of climate conditions.
• Pay close attention to the type and nature of the shutter opening (opening, sliding, with or without thermal break, etc.) to build your space and meet your needs in the best possible way.
• Keep in mind the configuration of the house after being placed furniture (beds front opening frames, etc.)
•To be able to clean them on both sides (inside - outside)
• To be simple in their use.
• Do not be dangerous (opening frames over living rooms, opening windows in children's rooms without balconies).

17.Large frames construction.
For the construction of aluminum frames in large dimensions (width of each sheet over a meter), you should beinformed by the designer company, what series of aluminum for the proposed range. No component extrusion book (except textbooks manufacturing folding frames), does not indicate the maximum width we can construct each frame. In consequence many manufacturers aluminum to work empirically. This is wrong because only the designer company knows what opening dimension can construct each frame (the limits of each profile) and in what order without a having a problem. The same attention also need large glasses, because nowhere mentioned limits can be constructed as well as their strengths, which in the construction of large dimensions can be very dangerous!

18.Technical control of aluminum frames
If you request technical control of the extrusion company, it is advisable to stick to indicate the technical inspection if all parts are those provided by the manufacturer on the books of specifications. It makes no difference whether the aluminum profile is the from manufacturing company, but necessary to know if all the parts of the frame (tires, rollers, blinds, etc.) are those planned and already the manufacturer has tried them in notified laboratories.

19.Glazing firming (glass)
All glazing frames (openable and sliding) should be firmed (pads = plastic joints between aluminum and glass) and in any case they do not come in contact with aluminum. The main reason for opening the windows and doors should be something that is, that firming a glass, we transfer the weight to the side where the hinges are consistently leaves without closing'' find'' the frame of the window but also avoid ordinary'' stuck'' them. In sliding systems firming one sheet (superposition or flush), we achieve the stabilization of the glass (does not move with the hits) and the angle of (90 degrees). The firming of aluminum frames takes time, knowledge of the issues to be firmed the frame and slatted panels (see terminology) and everything should be done by the manufacturers of aluminum frames and rather than glass suppliers.

20.Place energy Glasses.

Everyone knows that in a frame aluminum door or window, the greater surface area is occupied by the glass, so the option is requiring much attention and importance. Consuming as few kilovatores-and thus energy, resulting in a reduction of carbon dioxide-and thus environmental and clearly as we gain immediate cost savings.
Benefit up to 750 € per year offer guests a classic 100-120 sq.m apartment, the new energy windows.
According to scientists at the University of Lund, who constructed measurement program for saving glasses, but calculations of the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, energy double glazing in Attica reduce annual consumption of 7,400 kWh up to heat and cool residential area 100 - 120 m In Thessaloniki, the corresponding savings exceed 10,000 kilovatores, Florina zooms to 16,000, while in Chania falls on 5.000.Moreover, the use of double glazing energy in new and old buildings offer better sound insulation by up to 25%. Therefore, the use of new glass offer better heat and sound insulation, energy savings and economic benefits from reducing the fuel for cooling and heating. Moreover, better living conditions in more environmentally conscious by reducing pollutants in the environment and all at a cost that does not exceed in most cases 5% of the total value of a frame!

21.Do not install new aluminum frames on old wooden frames
In case of replacement of old wooden frames, there are two ways of placing. The first way is the complete dismantling of the old wooden frames, which is the right way. The second way is only the dismantling of the old wooden panels (glass) and the placement of new frames on the old wooden frames. This way causes no damage, is easier to install (this is why it is recommend by several frame manufacturers) and is more economical, but manufacturers are wrong. The reason is that putting new aluminum frames on wooden frames over 40 years there is always a risk, after one or two years, destroyed the wooden frames (corrosion, wear and tear etc.) already exist several years and eventually become obsolete and new aluminum frames.
When this will happen no one can see. So it is better if we are not ready financially but mainly psychological waiting to collect the amount needed and do a proper fitting frames to take several years.

22.In case of painted frames (colors) prefer the dyeing of extrusions
In Greece there are dozens dyers (exterior paint shops) that have the ability to paint profiles.The cost of painting concrete dyes are much lower than the cost required to paint aluminum profiles within the extrusion. Moreover, a large benefit of external paintshops is the variety of colors available and delivery time. Unfortunately, many of them lack the necessary conditions (facilities, certificates, etc.), but mostly can not deliver (not always responsible) the quality of paint delivered by Extrusions (knocks, unpainted spots, blackheads etc.).

23.Aluminum frames prices
The aluminum frames are not a standard product. There are hundreds of dimensions, types, grades and colors. . Decisive role in the price plays the placement of the frames (dismantling, area, difficulty in placement) as well as the amount, as in any consumer good. All the above can not be evaluated with the price lists with e-mails and it is good to ask if prices apply for your own frames and what these values ​​include (tilt kinds of mechanisms, etc.).
It has been observed even in the market, some companies do not measure and do offer aluminum frames with approximate dimensions given by the customer, by offering rates at lower scales list in width and height, to look at cheaper prices, and when the call for Measurement of aluminum frames has since become the confirmation of an order by signing forms and deposit, then tell you that your windows are larger than the initial estimate, is different and shows a cost difference such that before the close the deal would be at the same level prices with other manufacturers.

24. (leaves) shutters
A very easy way (and very popular) to make a more attractive offer aluminum frames is to use blinds shutters
of common trade rather than a cooperative partner. The louvers of trade is more economical and much lighter ... consistently offers may not be comparable and the customer buys unwittingly low quality product.

25.Be carefull on categories of energy glazing
The energy glass panes is a group with many uses, properties and values. There are energy windows for summer, for winter, for all seasons and with different properties and performances (which if used wrong bring the opposite effect). So it is necessary, when you get an offer of aluminum frames, not only to settle that includes energy windows (windows Energy!), Because it does not identify the substance nothing but also to ask: a) what energy class is the glass, b) if used all seasons c) and where they come from, and mainly d) what U (U Value) have (the smaller the better) because it usually sets the performance and price. Manufacturers are now required to provide the above information.

26.Be informed on details for glazing of frames
It is wrong to believe that glazing the manufacturer will put in aluminum, is of secondary
importance. Glazing constitutes 70% of the total area of ​​the window. Ask then, these details are not just the cross section (5s, 6s) or the gap. Ask about the origin, method of manufacture (double paste, hot, cold, wind), the type, their certificates and the guarantees provided. Learn about the options available, because a very low cost you can dramatically increase the performance of your frames (energy glazing).
Caution is still needed even if supplying special glazing (energy, Triplex). Specific windows are divided into categories with large differences in performance and in their price.So when a glazing offer is given we should ask the type of glazing and performance . Finally you should know that the use of silicone (instead of tires) is prohibited by all companies and extrusions.

27. Consumer protection
The CE in aluminum comes now as a shield of protection for consumers in order to preserve one of the most important assets, their home. In case the consumer is making a purchase of frames marked CE (and is mandatory for all manufacturers of aluminum frames from 01.02.2010) and do not meet the respective properties arising from the results of the certification, then, can use certificates to support the requirements, the manufacturer frames (non-compliance result in fines and revocation of product). This means that the manufacturer of aluminum frames is obliged to follow faithfully the instructions built frames that give the extrusion and to use all the materials (machinery parts, tires) listed on the books of construction. In case of doubt, the individual, to meet the specifications of the frames, he may apply to the organizations (the CE marking has the force of law) and if it is proven that the frames do not meet the specifications the manufacturer is obliged to replace the defective product no charge.

28.Prefer aluminum manufacturers with single system (aluminum series)
Many manufacturers use a lot of aluminum systems for their buildings. This is wrong, because for someone to know an aluminum system properly takes time, expertise and constant updating. It is impossible to know to properly construct several series, what year they practice their profession because each series aluminum Accepts daily changes and improvements in the aluminum profile, has hundreds of codes (profile), hundreds of combinations of codes, and several dozen types of features and weaknesses that need to be aware of any good professional.

Payment in advance on aluminum frames / pvc
All aluminum manufacturers to launch a custom frame order, call justifiably advance 20% - 30% of the amount. Good is the consumer trying to learn the financial data of the company intends to work because the day of deposit to day of placing an interval enough to exploit any slicker.

30. Classification of aluminum frames manufacturers.
Extrusions companies wanting to put on a class workmanship that existed for years, but also to protect their brand, began to classify the manufacturers of aluminum frames in categories. These three categories are Gold (gold), Silver and Bronze. Mostly after the selection is made by checking technique, which makes the manufacturing company (a manufacturer goes to a lesser charge if a technical audit found some botched failure). Other parameters that affect this assessment is the mechanical laboratory equipment manufacturer, the existence of CE, the report and the continued training.

Extremely low energy efficiency for most Greek buildings

Perforated and exposed to the elements are Greek buildings as shown in the summary data released by the Ministry of Environment, to mark the completion of two years of the institution of Energy Audits.
From 9 January 2011 issued a total of 274,000 Energy Performance Certificates relating either in old buildings being rented, sold or renovated, or new construction.

As is clear from the figures 74,426 buildings classified in The lowest energy category, which means that the heating and cooling amount of energy.
required is bigger.

40,459 Greek buildings included a higher category, the category G, and in classes D, E and F included about 150,000 buildings.
In these classes met some basic requirements related to insulation and windows but still are far from the average of European buildings belonging mainly to the high energy class B.

In Greece from 274,000 energy audits carried out have shown that only 9,500 belong to the energy classes B and B +, while even fewer category A and A + buildings that have achieved more than 80% energy savings compared to conventional construction .

According to the Ministry of Environment the next step in improving the regulatory framework, the intensification of audits by qualified service energy inspectors and evaluating the findings of the first recording to eventually move on to concrete proposals to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the country in conjunction appropriate incentives and financing tools.

According to reports that have been published in the past, Greek buildings on average three times require energy for heating and cooling in buildings than in northern Europe and is appropriate to proceed with the massive energy improvement of Greek buildings in order to reduce both the costs for the owners and the atmospheric burden caused by improper combustion products.

While such an action is expected to have a beneficial effect for the national economy, as a whole will revive the construction sector.